DPPS saves you the time, expense and the inconvenience of running employment ads, screening applicants and interviewing. We do all this for you at no additional charge! You interview only the persons which meet your specifications. We screen and interview the applicants, check and verify their references and, if necessary, verify their license. We also assure the applicant has a current resume for your reference during the interview. We can also fax resumes to you at your convenience.

24/7 Availability

Emergency? You can contact us 24 hours everyday through our after hours messaging system. This system is used in harmony with our notification devices which assures your emergency is handled quickly.


Our temporary auxiliaries are available for the days your staff may call in sick, last minute emergencies, vacations, temporary medical and maternity leave or you may want to use temporaries only when your appointments require them - eliminating a permanent staff person.

Our Guarantee

Please call (614)823-3777 or email us to request a current fee schedule and contract for your office! If for any reason a permanent placement does not succeed within 60 days, DPPS will either replace them (for no additional fee) or prorate the fee on a daily basis and refund your difference. There is never a fee to you until you hire personnel through us.

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